2 Very Successful Company Events!

by David

We have just organized two great team outings with Sailing Events, one was comprised of about 100 people and the other of 50. The company was a pleasure to work with on all counts! Barbara was highly effective and really helpful in planning the entire program and was highly detail oriented.

She went out of her way to help us customize the events to our wishes, and is really skilled at making the sailing fit into specific team-building objectives. An example of this would be the escape room challenge we organized at Fort Pampus. She was also fabulous at finding the right restaurants and catering to fit both events.

The sailing itself was just a delight and our employees really loved it, and found it highly memorable. Gerard did a fantastic job at facilitating the event as well, and his photos were really the cherry on top, and he offered a lot of options on that front. I highly recommend working with Sailing Events, and will go out of my way to work with them in the future!

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